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Crouser's Love Birds - Colorful Hummingbird Wood Wall Art


Title | 15"x11"


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Crouser's Love Birds -...




Beautiful Hummingbird Wall Decor



  • Indoor and outdoor safe
  • Kiln-dried pine wood
  • All-weather UV-protected ink
  • Easy to hang
  • Hanging hardware included
  • Made in the USA

    This art, Love Birds, was originally painted by Dean Crouser. It combines beautiful and vibrant colors with wood to create a one-of-a-kind art piece. The natural coloration of the boards shine through the art to blend with the image and makes it become interesting and inviting decor for your walls. 

    Love Birds is a collage of individual wood boards, giving it grains and knots unique to every piece. These boards are secured together using two wood strips running along the back of the art. In addition to tightly securing the art together, these wood strips also allow the piece to sit slightly off your wall and help it naturally frame itself.


    One-of-a-kind Wood Art 

    When we craft this piece, we use no whites in the image, instead, we allow the natural coloration of the wood to take its place so that the beauty of the wood isn’t overtaken by the image. This creates an interplay of texture and color creating art that lives so naturally on the wood, you might think it grew there. 

    Indoor and Outdoor Safe Wall Art

    Since we use kiln-dried wood and all-weather UV-protected ink, you can accent any part of your indoor or outdoor living space with this art for years to come. 

    About the Artist

    Dean Crouser was born and lives in Oregon. His love of fishing, camping, and the outdoors can be found in the expressions of his art.  When it comes to painting, he tries to keep his work loose and simple.

     "I am always striving to say the most with the least and like to keep my work loose and spontaneous."

    -Dean Crouser

    Sizes & Shipping


    • 15"x11”- constructed using three thinner 3.5"x 15"x 1/4" pine boards
    • 20"x14” - constructed using four thinner  3.5"x 20"x 1/4" pine boards
    • 22"x16" - constructed using four thick 5.5"x 16"x 5/8" pine boards
    • 33"x24" - constructed using six thick 5.5"x 24"x 5/8" pine boards
    • 44"x30" - constructed using eight thick 5.5"x 30"x 5/8"pine boards


      We make the product to order. With this in mind, we try to craft, package, and ship your product within 2-3 business days from the day the order was placed. 

      Hanging hardware is included and the art is ready to be hung up in your home or yard from the moment it arrives. 

      Sizes 20x14 and 15x11 are created using 1/4 kiln-dried pine boards.

      Blank Pallet Front

      Pieces sized 20"x14" and 15"x11" use our thinner 1/4" kiln-dried pine boards. 

      Angle Front

      These are lightweight & easy to hang anywhere. 

      Back of Pallet

      Includes a sawtooth hanger on back.

      Angle Back

      Two solid 1/4" runners are tightly secured along the back. These runners + the boards make the pallet 1/2" thick. 

      Sizes 44x30, 33x24, and 22x16 are created using 5/8 kiln-dried pine boards.

      Blank Pallet Front

      Pieces sized 44"x30", 33"x24", and 22"x16"  feature our thicker 5/8" kiln-dried pine boards. 

      Angle Front

      These are solid & tough. 

      Back of Pallet

      Includes a wire & loop hanger on back.

      Angle Back

      Two solid 1/2" runners are tightly secured along the back. These runners + the boards make the pallet over 1" thick.


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