Frequent Questions

How do you get the art on the cedar? Our method uses specialized semi-translucent all-weather UV inks sprayed directly onto rough-cut western red cedar boards (Gizaun Art) and solid port orford cedar (Wile E. Wood). The process allows the natural wood grain to show through, providing texture and individuality to each piece. It also provides protection from the elements, ensuring that your art will live for years, whether it’s hung indoors or outside.  
If I keep it outside will the art fade or run? Our Ultra Violet inks actual help to protect the wood from nature's elements. This doesn't mean it won't ever change but it means it will change very, very slowly, Exactly how much and how fast your wood patinas will be determined by your region of the country and the art's overall exposure to the sun. Art in Phoenix Arizona will react different than art in Seattle Washington.
Is there a guarantee? Yes. There is a one year limited warranty.

Why do you say that Gizaun Art becomes more beautiful with time? If placed outdoors, the cedar will silver to a glowing patina. Knots and wood grain will swell, adding texture and warmth, resulting in a truly unique piece of art.

How long does it take to receive my art?  We ship out of Portland Oregon so it will take usually between 2-3 weeks depending on where you live.
How will my wall art look like in my home office? Gizaun Art's and Wile  E. Wood's full-color images enhances any home or office, inside or out. Choose from any of our different collections to suit your style-- whether that is Wile E. Wood or Gizaun Art. Contemporary, cottage, loft, cabin, traditional or beach; our art bestows warmth, beauty and dimension on any space.
What if I have limited wall space? No wall space? Hang it outdoors. A small space? Gizaun Art and Wile E. Wood does double duty, acting as both a scenic element and an optical illusion that visually expands and enhances small rooms or backyards. Like to change things up? 
Where is Gizaun Art and Wile E. Wood made? 
Our company is based out of Portland, Oregon, and all of our art is created by local artisans in the U.S.A. 
Is Gizaun Art “green”? Our canvas is Northwest cedar, sustainable grown from a renewable resource. Not only that, but all of our inks are non-toxic and do not have dangerous fumes. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to send us an message through our contact form.