Why DaydreamHQ?


Because it's Innovative. Sustainable. Beautiful.

Accent any indoor or outdoor living space with a single piece from our collection. Or try a combination. Each cedar board has its own unique wood grain, knots and swirls. Gizaun™ & Wile E. Wood™ Art blends the individuality of the wood with beautiful images to create natural, one-of-a-kind art. 


Because you’ll love the warmth of real Northwest Cedar.

Daydream’s Gizaun™ and Wile E. Wood™ Art uses managed growth, Northwest Cedar as a canvas. A patent-pending process sprays semi-translucent, all-weather Ultra Violet ink directly into the wood grain. The result? An interplay of texture and color—art that lives so naturally on the wood you might think it grew there.


Because you want a beautiful home, inside and out.

Gizaun Art™ & Wile E. Wood™ Art will withstand wind, rain, snow and sun and looks amazing indoors or out. If left outside, the art becomes even more beautiful as the wood acquires a patina and texture that only nature can produce.

Because it's created locally.

Gizaun Art™ & Wile E. Wood™ is created in our Portland Oregon studio by local artist and craftspeople.