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  • 15x11 Solid Wood Yard Art "Surf Fest"
  • 15x11 Solid Wood Yard Art "Surf Fest"

15x11 Solid Wood Yard Art "Surf Fest"


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Our Wile E. Wood™ art pieces are made with semi-translucent, all-weather UV protected ink sprayed into solid wood allowing the knots and grains to interact with the art creating a unique interplay of color and texture.

This piece is made out of 3 individual solid wood boards, giving it unique coloring, grains, and knots.  The solid wood boards are mounted on back to 2 solid wood runners with an industrial strength polyurethane exterior construction adhesive.  The art is mounted onto a kiln-dried Fir yard stake so you can place the art anywhere in your yard or garden.  You can keep the piece outside year round in all weather, no coating needed!  The approximate height with the stake is 22".

Our process is environmentally friendly, since our inks are non-toxic and we use an excellent renewable resource for our canvas… Wood!

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