• Well-Aged- Gizaun Art
  • Well-Aged- Gizaun Art

Well-Aged- Gizaun Art


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This Gizaun Art piece is a collage‰۪ of 3åÊindividual 5.25‰Û_ ÌÑ 24‰Û_ ÌÑ 3/8" solid wood boards, secured together using two wood strips that run horizontally along the back side of the art both top and bottom. Hanging hardware is included.

Indoor and outdoor safe which means you can hang this artwork anywhere in your home or yard... year round.åÊ

Available in:

16x24 which uses three individual 5.5"x24"x5/8" wood boards

28x36 which uses five individual 5.5"x36"x5/8" wood boards

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