• Spring Break 21x15 on Live Edge

Spring Break 21x15 on Live Edge


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Live Edge Signature Series reproduces beautiful original art on to solid bass wood with its original bark as its frame using our same spray technique. The result is an interplay of textures and colors like you have never seen.

This Gizaun Art is reproduced from an original watercolor by Dave Barthelet and can accent any living space with a single piece from our collection. Or try a combination. Each board has its own unique wood grain, knots and swirls. Gizaun Art blends the individuality of the wood with beautiful images to create natural, one-of-a-kind art.

Gizaun Art Live Edge Signature Series uses solid bass wood as a canvas and sprays semi-translucent, all-weather Ultra Violet protected ink directly into the wood grain. The result? An interplay of texture and color-art that lives so naturally on the wood you might think it grew there.

*Our Live Edge pieces are not recommended for outdoor use.

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